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The family background of Narguess Hatami, the creative soul of the new line Miahatami, already talks of design and creativity at the same time. She was born in Teheran in 1981, her father is an architect and her mother a fashion designer. After earning a scientific degree, she choose to continue her studies in Italy, bringing with herself and in herself the heritage of an ancient culture, a valuable and incredibly refined one. She joined the Faculty of Humanities at the Università degli Studi in Bologna, following the Degree Course in Culture and Techniques of Costume and Fashion.

Her privileged relationship with art plays a crucial part in her approach to the concept of style and elegance. From a very early age she felt the artistic attitude within the family and can improve her penchant for painting and drawing following a year a private course in the study of the master Aydin Aghdashloo.

A style defined by the logic of a natural and relaxed “well dressing” which reveals a strong multicultural spirit in its DNA. A sartorial accuracy which makes each piece a project on its own. The attention paid by the designer to processings and to the most innovative interventions on materials rebalances and declines to present the magical kaleidoscope of colors, patterns, embroideries, images and glamour which come from ancient Persia, from the legendary “silk road”.

The potential of Miahatami’s feminine seduction is certainly strong, but also fluid, multivalent and conceived so that the orientation between the looks which form the collection can be really free. Respecting a convention that Narguess sees as an imperative: “to choose and not to be chosen”.